CampCrate Trip Preparedness

Published 2019-03-20
Did you book a trip with CampCrate?  Here's what's next!

First off, thank you for trusting us with your vacation and booking a trip with us!  We put a lot of effort into ensuring every customer’s trips go smoothly and is as successful as the environment allows.  There is so much to learn prior to your departure and it is essential that you complete all the steps in this post to ensure your safety and enjoyment.  We’ve done our best to remove the fluff, but there is still a lot of information.  Set aside about one hour to watch the videos and read the articles thoroughly.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us in the chat box below.
 Step 1:  Shipping Confirmation for Gear Pick-Up
You should have selected a shipping address at checkout.  If you selected one of our partner stores to pick up your gear, please check their hours and ensure it matches with your travel plans.  If it does not, please message us so we can assist you in locating an alternate location for gear pick-up.  If you are staying in a hotel prior to your backpacking adventure, you can also call your hotel and ask for permission to ship to their address.  Please check the hours of your selected shipping location for gear pick-up

Step 2:
Read the Seven Principles to Leave No Trace and watch Leave No Trace Ethics Video. These are the 7 most important rules for backpacking and the guidelines for all outdoor recreation to ensure the wilderness is always the wilderness and us humans don't ruin it.  Returning customers are expected to have these memorized! You can also watch the video, which is linked in step 3.

Step 3: Watch the videos below as well as the videos on our Base Camp page.  The videos are short and informative and will explain backpacking essentials.  We recommend every experience level watching them right after you book as well as right before the trip.

     Staying Safe in the Backcountry
Step 4:  Read the ‘Recommended Packing List’ article on our Base Camp Page.

Step 5:  Within a few days of your trip, we will forward your bus tickets (if applicable) and wilderness permit (if applicable) and tracking number to the e-mail address you provided us at checkout. Be sure to have the bus tickets and wilderness permits files both in print or accessible on your phone prior to arriving in your destination.

Step 6:  Download Google Maps on your smartphone and use the articles and video below to download maps for offline use. Although you will have a trail map of your location in the crate, it will be wise to have it on your phone. Even in airplane mode, you can still see your location on the map app on your phone. This is very useful on the trail. 

Depending on your service provider and location, you may or may not have service where you're going. Downloading the maps for offline use will help ensure that the QR codes work well on the provided itinerary so you can navigate the area with ease.

    iPhone: Instructions
    Android: Instructions

    Video for both

Step 7: Review the itinerary.  Read through the itinerary day-by-day.  Having an idea of what each day entails will make you much more efficient and ensure you are fully prepared for your trip.  A link to an electronic version of the itinerary will be sent to you before the trip. A printed version will also be sent to you in your crate.

Step 8:  Training.  Make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for your trip!  We highly recommended taking local hikes prior to your departure.  This helps set proper expectations and understand mileage.  To locate hikes nearby, check out https://www.hikingproject.com/

Step 9: Read the 'Bears and Food Storage' article for proper food storage in locations that require bear-proof containers. We'll let you know this before your trip.

Step 10 (Optional):  If you’d like, we are happy to chat with you on the phone to ensure you are feeling 100% prepared prior to your arrival.  If interested, just chat with us through our website and set up a convenient time with us.  International customers are encouraged to download WhatsApp for free international phone calls.

**We are not a commercial guide service but a gear renting service that gathers and delivers information to you to help you prepare for a self-guided backpacking experience. Your safety and preparedness are up to you.**

Have more questions? Please reach out.