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1. Plan

Choose your adventure above, select your dates, then provide us a convenient shipping address.

2. delivery

Select a UPS Store near your airport for shipping or have it delivered to your home/hotel.

3. enjoy!

Most importantly, enjoy your trip! Whether it be our famous backpacking trips or your family's camping trip, we have your back.

4. return

After your trip, use the pre-paid shipping label included with your crate to return your items.

your gear

– The original rental backpacking kit –


Soon to be your favorite piece of gear. The Petzl Tikka headlamp packs 200 lumens for optimal lighting around camp.


Engineered to keep the heat in and the weather out. This tent is selected for it's spacious and highly waterproof design.

*Rain fly included,
but not pictured*

Sleeping pad

The Static V packs an amazing amount of comfort into a small package, ensuring you a good night's sleep in the backcountry.

Sleeping bag

The Aura sleeping bag offers lightweight, compactable sleeping with premium thermal efficiency; rated down to 20°F.


The Klymit Motion 60 redirects the weight to your hips instead of your shoulders, providing
a comfortable and balanced fit throughout your trip.

Water filter

The Katadyn Hiker Pro filters out 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa, ensuring your fresh mountain water is safe for drinking.

Camp stove

The JetBoil camp stove will have your water boiling in under two minutes.

*Fuel canister not included*

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Hiking in Yosemite, wild experience🙌... Amazing nature and even a bear running through camp🐻🙏😄 #yosemite #nature #campcrate #taftpoint #pohonotrail #deweypoint #sunrise #mountains #woods #nofilter

It’s official! Our first CampCrater to make it to the summit of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48. Denali and Everest, here we come! #mtwhitney #sierranevada #california #backpacking #14er #campcrate #sleepoutside #camping Photo cared: @hensonkatie

Adventures/personal trainer/nutritionalist @summitfitofficial will be taking 11 lucky souls into the wilderness over the next few days with CampCrate gear. Are you a part of a group that would do a backpacking trip? Hit us up and we'll plan an unforgettable trip for you and your group. #fitnessmotivation #camping #campcrate #sleepoutside #colorado #backpacking #wildernessculture #outdoorliving

Some shots from my Day 2 hike, had me starting at McGurkin trail, to Dewey point, and camped at some creek. #campcrate #camping #hiking #yosemite

about us

– Our Mission –

Conceived in Yosemite National Park and born in Colorado, CampCrate’s mission is to share our love for the outdoors by equipping our customers with quality rental gear, and helping them get outside.

– Our guarantee –

CampCrate is a new adventure. We are whole-heartedly committed to ensuring happy customers and successful trips. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated. If you’re unhappy with your equipment, send it back and only pay for shipping.


Where do I pick up the gear?

The shipping address will be determined by the direction of travel you select at checkout. We will e-mail you the address of the location to pick up your gear. This address is conveniently selected on your way to the park. We often partner with local gear shops when possible so that you only need to make one stop for your camp stove fuel and additional supplies.

How do I return the gear?

Provided in your crate is a pre-paid return shipping label. Simply package all your gear back in it’s box or container and place the shipping label on the outside. You may return the gear to any UPS Store or Staples location. Many businesses will also accept UPS packages if you ask at the front desk/cashier. Please note, you are responsible for your equipment until UPS scans the package in. If you leave the UPS package at your hotel and they lose it, you will be held accountable. UPS Stores and Staples locations will scan your package in immediately and you will no longer be liable.

Do I need to obtain my own Wilderness Permit?

We will book your Wilderness Permits for you through the appropriate entity and e-mail you the permit confirmation.  If the itinerary you purchased requires self-registration at the trailhead, we will e-mail you with further instructions.

What equipment is included with my CampCrate?

Each customer will receive their own personal backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and headlamp. A tent, water filter, and camping stove will also be provided, but these are shared items. For example, a customer taking this trip solo will receive one of each item. A crate for two customers will include two of each personal items and one of each shared item. If you would like additional equipment or special requests for your trip, please e-mail us.

What should I pack?

We will e-mail or link you to CampCrate’s preparation and packing list. This will include detailed packing information.

Does this include parking?

Yes! All our trip itineraries include parking instructions and directions.

Will I get eaten by a bear?

In Yosemite’s written history, there has never been a fatal bear attack.  It is incredibly unlikely to see a bear.  If you do see a bear, they will likely try to avoid you.  Proper wildlife etiquette and safety will be explained in your confirmation packet.  Statistically though, your chances are greater winning the lottery than getting approached by an aggressive black bear.

What other hikes can we do in the park?

After your trip is confirmed, we will include our list of recommended hikes in the confirmation packet. We will also include a list of things to see as you enter the park, based upon your travel direction.