Pohono Trail

3 days
15.8 miles
What is included?
  • Gear for you or your entire group! (Tent, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Backpack, Camping Stove, Water Filter, Headlamp)
  • Four backpacking meals for each member in your group.
  • Backcountry Wilderness Permit
  • Fully detailed itinerary including step-by-step instructions for every step of your trip
  • Free, round-trip shipping of your equipment
  • A one-way bus ticket to Glacier Pt to begin your hike
  • Primitive Campsites

Follow the footsteps of John Muir as you traverse Yosemite Valley's beautiful southern rim on the Pohono Trail.  Camp on mountainsides, travel through ancient pine forests, and relax in the mist of waterfalls.  Yosemite's iconic features, such as, Half Dome, Yosemite Falls, and the famous Giant Sequoia Groves won't disappoint.
Day 1
Arrive to Yosemite Valley and pick up your Wilderness Permit from the Wilderness Office.  Set up camp in Yosemite Valley's backpacker's camp and spend the remainder of your day hiking, dining, or relaxing by the Merced River.
Day 2
Pack up camp early in the morning.  If your group is ambitious, you have a little spare time to add an extra hike or any other activities you'd prefer.  We like to make sure you have time to pursue the various scenery that catches your attention.  After that, travel to Glacier Point (via hitchhiking or one-way bus ticket) and begin your overnight hike.  You will summit Sentinel Dome, pass through Taft Point, and hike through a remote pine forest before arriving to camp for the night.

Day 3
Wake up and enjoy your camp coffee in the solitude of the backcountry while overlooking Yosemite Valely.  Continue your hike to cross Crocker Point and Stanford point before descending back down into Yosemite Valley, arriving at Tunnel View.  You will likely finish early and have most of the day remaining to pursue your own activities again.  This can be an additional hike or your choice of relaxation.  After that, return to backpacker's camp for your final night or continue your travels.
Day 4
Either depart for your next destination or enjoy another day of hikes in Yosemite!


Four days of backpacking in what I suspect to be the most awe-inspiring place on earth @schiffmania
Be Brave, Take Risks, Nothing can subsitute experience!  Can't get enough of these views.
Take Risks