Essentials: Rental Equipment & Backcountry Etiquette

Published 8/29/2020

Becoming familiar with your backpacking rental equipment prior to departure will significantly improve the chances of a successful journey.  The following videos will cover the basics of your equipment, backcountry etiquette, and helpful information regarding your trip.

Water Filter
The Katadyn Hiker Pro meets industry standards for the reduction of bacteria (99.9999% Klebsiella Terrigena) and protozoan cysts (99.9% Giardia and Cryptosporidium). Its compact and lightweight design is easy to use and essential equipment for drinking water from backcountry streams, lakes, and rivers.

Camp Stove
The Jetboil Flash boils water in under 2 minutes. Cooking the included freeze-dried and dehydrated backpacking meals simply requires the addition of boiling water into the meal pouch.  Pro tip:  Let meals hydrate 30-40% longer than what is recommended on the package.

Packing Your Backpack
A poorly packed backpack can throw off your balance and cause extreme discomfort.  Knowing how to organize your equipment inside your pack is an essential skill to help ensure a successful trip.

Fitting Your Backpack
Adjusting your backpack to fit appropriately makes all the difference in comfortably carrying your equipment.  Along your trek, you'll want to make many adjustments to optimize comfort as your load shifts and bounces around.

Erecting Your Tent
Included with your shipment is a two-pole styled dome tent. This tent design is strong, lightweight, and perfect for the trail.  All two-pole styled tents are very similar for setup.

Camping Tips
Camping in the backcountry is a lot more comfortable with a few helpful tips.

Pooping in the Woods
Inevitably, you'll need to relieve yourself on the trail.  Disposing of your waste properly in the backcountry is an essential skill. This video covers both sanitary and comfort concerns of going in the woods.  Please note, a small plastic trowel is not included with your order and will need to be packed separately.

Backpacking Safety
Lastly, more helpful tips for staying safe and ensuring a successful journey.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare yourself for your trip.   We hope you have a safe and unforgettable experience in the backcountry.  If you have any questions about using the equipment with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us!