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– Our Mission –

Conceived in Yosemite National Park and born in Colorado, Camp
Crate’s mission is to share our love for the outdoors by equipping our
customers with quality rental gear, and helping them get outside.

– Our guarantee –

Camp Crate is a new adventure. We are whole-heartedly committed to
ensuring happy customers and successful trips. Your feedback is
sincerely appreciated. If you’re unhappy with your
equipment, send it back and only pay for shipping.

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Q: Is the equipment clean?

A: After each rental, all our equipment is thoroughly inspected and washed. Any equipment that does not meet our high standards is replaced before it’s next outing.

Q: How does shipping and delivery work?

A: Crates may be received at any UPS deliverable address. If you are traveling, we are more than happy to assist you in finding a delivery destination. When you are done with your Crate, you may drop it off at any UPS store or drop-off location. A pre-paid shipping label is included with your rental.

Q: Which days will I be charged for?

A: You are only charged for the dates in which you use the equipment. Use dates include the time in between your check in day and the day that you return your equipment to UPS. You will not be charged for the days that the equipment is in transit.

Q: Where can I go camping?

A. There are hundreds of thousands of places to go camping in the United States. The best resources to use are HipCamp.Com and ReserveAmerica.Com to locate an area near you. If you would like, send us an e-mail. We are more than happy to help you plan your trip!

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